Purchase and Assign New Seats

If you have a current subscription, you may have new advisors that want to use inStream as well. Before you purchase and assign the seat to an advisor, make sure that person has already been created as a user. If they are already created, click on the drop-down next to your avatar in the top right. Click on Subscription from the drop-down menu.You’ll land on the Manage Users tab. Click on Buy More Seats to continue to the next step.Choose the number of seats you would like to purchase using the up and down arrow. Make sure to also choose the subscription plan – Monthly or Yearly. In the Code text box, enter the promo code if you have one and click Update Price.If you entered a promo code that’s active, you’ll get a successful validation message. Click Continue to Purchase to go to the billing page.If you have a saved card on file, just make sure everything is correct and enter the CVV number. If no card is on file, click on New Card then enter all of the credit card information and click Confirm Order.You’ll get a confirmation and receipt if the payment was successful. Click Assign Seats to activate the subscription for your new advisor.

From the Manager Users tab, find the user you would like to add a subscription for. After finding the user, click Add.You’ll get a confirmation screen of the assignment and if everything looks correct click Confirm. The user is now active and ready to use inStream.

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