Lesson 7.5 - Creating a Shared Plan Template

For consistent branding throughout your firm, you can now create firm templates that can be used by all advisors within your firm. The firm admin must login first and go to the Settings tab then click on Report Templates.Next, add the appropriate report pages by checking the page checkboxes. If you added your firm cover page, you can apply it to the template by expanding the Cover Page section and checking to use the Firm Custom Background Image.You can also add your own custom page(s). The custom page can be used for cover letters, disclosures, client action lists, or a list of recommendations. Click Add Custom Page to begin adding your own text. Click to expand the Custom Page, and start adding your text. You can copy and paste from a Word document or notepad.Make sure to save your changes to the template by clicking the Save button. Name the new template and click Save, and everyone in your firm will now be able to select the template to use for their plan outputs.

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