Customizing Your Plan Output

Firms now have the ability to customize and brand their plan outputs that are given to clients. The firm administrator can do the following:

  • Add a new cover page
  • Add a logo to the cover page
  • Add a section header
  • Add your firm information in the footer
  • Add your color scheme to graphs
  • Change the font colors and style

To begin with any of the customizations, you must have firm administrator access and login. Once logged in, go to the Settings section then click on the Customize tab. In the Customize tab, click on the Custom Report sub-tab.To upload a cover page, click the Choose File button and find your cover page in your documents. For the best results, use a .png format with a white background, with dimensions of 2550 x 3300 pixels (width x height), and with your logo already placed where you would like it with the appropriate size. 

You can also change the font color, font size, and move where the title will appear on the cover page. Clicking on the font color box will open up the color palette, or you can enter the hex code. Using the arrows in the font size and title offset text fields will adjust those items accordingly.

You can also add a separate logo just for the cover page that is different than the header logo. You can also specify the size of the logo on the cover page allowing more flexibility for your needs. However, if you uploaded your own custom cover page image with your logo already on it, this will be unnecessary.

Lastly, you can view your changes by clicking Preview.

The next part of the output that can be customized is the page headers. Click to expand the Header section, and click Choose File to browse and select your image to use as the header. Like the Report Cover Page, you can edit the font color, font size, and how the text fits on the header. You can also reset to the inStream default by clicking the checkbox underneath Use Default Header.You can add text that will be displayed in the footer on every page in the output. For example, I added my firm’s name, phone number, and website URL. You can add any text in the footer, but note that only one line of text can be used.The Section background is the header above each different part of the report. You can edit the background and font color by clicking on the color box to open the color palette, or entering the appropriate hex code.

In the Graph Colors section, you can add your color wheel and apply it to graphs in the output. You have the option to edit up to five colors.You can change the font style in the output by expanding the Font Selections. By default we have Lato, sans-serif selected, but you can select another option to use. After all of your changes and additions have been made click Save. 

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