Outlook - Importing a Client from Microsoft Outlook 2007

inStream makes available the ability to upload selected clients within your Microsoft Outlook contacts. There are a few steps involved with the process. However, the following instructions will make it easier to import your important clients. Please follow the steps below to add contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

To begin, go to the Clients section of your inStream and click on Import. Under the Import menu, select Outlook Client Import.

Next, the Import a client from Microsoft Outlook menu appears, select Download the Microsoft Outlook Plugin (for Windows only).

The next step is to select Save file and then click OK to save the file to the selected destination.

Please open the Microsoft Plug-in Zip file and then choose to extract all files to designated location. Go to the location of the extracted download and Run setup.exe file. A pop-up menu will appear and the run option should appear.

***Make sure that Outlook is closed while you are going through the following steps.

A pop-up box will appear asking if you accept the terms, click Accept.

The Microsoft Office Customized Installer pop-up window will appear next.  Click the Install button and click Close when another pop-up for verification of the installation appears.

After download is complete, open Microsoft Outlook and then go to the Export Contact plug-in option at the top of the screen and select Export Contacts to inStream.


The Login Form box will open. Enter your inStream Login Name and Password and click on Validate CredentialsClick the Export button after credentials are validated.


Select the contacts that are to be imported. Next, click on Export Selected. A pop-up will appear when the contacts are successfully exported, click OK.


After this process has been completed, go back to the inStream application. Go to Client section of your inStream application and then click on Import Client. Under the import menu select From Microsoft Outlook. A new series of windows will appear to finalize the import process. Step 1 of 3 is to select import of the new client(s).


Step 2 of 3 is to add additional contacts related to the client(s), click Next to continue.


Step 3 of 3 is to add a few more details that inStream requires. Click Finish to complete the process.


Congratulations! You have just imported new clients from your Outlook contacts.

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